Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I obtain the information on market background, business partnership and list of import-export Company in Bangladesh by searching into Bangladesh Trade Portal?

Bangladesh Trade Portal provides information regarding the laws, regulations, tariff information and procedures for importing and exporting in Bangladesh.
If you would like to have information about potential business partnerships, list of Export-Import company or opportunities we recommend that you contact the FBCCI, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) or Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). On their website, you will find information about business opportunities in Bangladesh and contact details.

Q: Do I need to fill in a Customs declaration when I arrive in Bangladesh at an international airport or border crossing?

No. You can just walk through the Nothing to Declare green channel. If you are carrying goods in excess of the duty free allowance or if you are in doubt you must walk through the red channel and declare the goods to the Customs Officer on duty. Click Here for more information.

Q: Can I look up the Bangladesh Customs Tariff on-line?

Yes. The complete commodity classification and tariffs applicable in Bangladesh are loaded on this website. Please Click Here to search and view the tariffs.