Up to date physical progress for major components of BRCP-1, Ministry of Commerce.

SlTask Name/DescriptionTotal TargetDone till dateTarget in FY-2020-21Comments
2Focal Person Coordination Meeting (BTP)1806 
3Workshop with district level business man and business association.2510 
4Skill development training of women entrepreneur 160  
5Pilot program for women entrepreneur8010 
6Study under NTTFC100303 
7Diagnostic Study (Cut flower,Agro-Processing and ICT sector)0303 
8Rules/Regulations review by NTTFC6012 
9Web based national inquiry point setup and Maintenance0101 
10Base line survey (Umbrella Project)0101 
11Website development and maintenance of BRCP-10101 
12Accounting Software Development0101 
13Consultant Recruitment060402 
14NTTFC Meeting    
15Service Centre setup to women entrepreneurs10101010 Support Centre has been already set up. Project is giving support these centre to maintain it.