Benapole Land Port, Jessore

Geographical Position

Bangladesh side: Benapole, Sharsha, Jessore
Indian side: Petrapole, Bongaon, 24-Parganas, West Bengal, India

General Information

Operator: Bangladesh Land Port Authority
Date of declaration: 12/01/2002
Date of operation: February 01, 2002
Storage capacity: 40,000 MT
Total land area: 61.7052 Acre
Handling labour (manual): 2,000 persons
Manpower: Administrative personnel: 123; Security personnel: 242 (APBN: 22; Ansar: 149; Private security: 71)

Infrastructure: Warehouse-32, Warehouse-cum-yard-5, Open stack yard-2, Transshipment yard-1,
Transhipment Sheed-2,Truck Terminal (import & export)-2, Weighbridge scale-1 (50 MT), Weighbridge scale-2 (30 MT) & Weighbridge scale-3 (100 MT), International Passenger Terminal, International Bus Terminal, Administrative and residential buildings, fire brigade, standby power generator, Observation towers, Lighting and water supply & sewerage system in operational areas, Security posts, Boundary wall. Warehouse-2 Nos under construction Transhipment Shed- 3 Nos under construction

Handling capacity: Manual 1.20 mln MT (yearly)
Equipment 0.80 mln MT (yearly) Total 2.00 mln MT (yearly) (by crane and forklifts of various capacities)

Principal Imports: Cotton, chemical, motor car, motorcycle, tire-tube, machinery & spare parts, food grains, fish, spices, sugar, egg, aluminum, refrigerator, paper, etc.

Principal exports: Jute & jute goods, fish, soap, plastic goods, battery, construction materials, etc.

Problems: On an average daily 200-250 Nos. of trucks carrying export goods are assembled at
Benapole Land Port under Jessore District. But generally, 100-150 Nos. of trucks are cleared by the Indian side leaving the rest trucks tail backed at our end. This causes heavy traffic congestion at the port area. Except for this, the cost of export is increased due to demurrage charges by the transport agencies for the delayed delivery of export cargoes.